Gibson 61 Historic SG

w/ Maestro Tremolo

Fender Custom Deluxe Stratocaster

Fender Custom Classic Telecaster

Mustapick Arena, Brazilian Rosewood/German Spruce

Custom Audio Amplifiers PT100, StoneAge 4x12

Metropoulos ‘69 Super Lead

Reeves Custom 50 PS, StoneAge 1x12B

Rivera Quiana 2x12

Fender Silverface Champ

Weber Double Deluxe

Weber Halle

BJFE Collection



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Gibson Historic SG Special

Baranik Meridian, Colorado Blue Spruce, Cocobolo Negro (2011)

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Brondel A-2c, German Spruce and Madagascar Rosewood (2014)

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Baranik “Super Meridian,” Colorado Blue Spruce, Unknown (2027)

Baranik PX, Blue Spruce and Mahogany (2014)

Circa (John Slobod) OMc, Adirondack Spruce, Madagascar Rosewood (2016)

Brondel A-2c, Adirondack Spruce and Figured Mahogany(2012)

Kostal Modified Dreadnought, Sitka Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood(2012)

Montuoro 000-12 Larson Bros., Euro Spruce and Koa (2010)

Schoenberg/Klepper 000-12c, Adirondack Spurce, Mahogany (2014)

Kostal Modified Dreadnought, Adirondack spruce and Maple (2019)