Text Box: This is a Jus-Tone-built Weber 5E3x2, or “Double Deluxe.”

The tweed Deluxe is a classic starter amp for new builders and a great way to achieve low-volume blues tone by driving those output tubes.

With a single tone knob and two volume knobs (for the two channels), it represents the ultimate in simplicity.  I upgraded many of the basic Weber components, but opted to keep the transformers, which I felt sounded great.  My first Double Deluxe build is pictured below.  The first was sold to Camper van Beethoven’s guitarist.  The second was sold to a private buyer.
Text Box: Yep, it all starts with heater wiring.  I made the mistake of using the stock cloth wiring for my first build.  It retains the vintage vibe, but is awful stuff to work with.  I did not repeat that mistake on any subsequent builds.
Text Box: The board is loaded with components and the flying leads are installed on the fiber board before installation.  As you can see, it’s a pretty simple circuit.
Text Box: It really doesn’t take long to knock one of these amps out.  It flew by so quickly I forgot to take photos.  The completed product is pictured below.