Text Box: METRO ‘69
Text Box: This is a Jus-Tone-built Metropoulos 1969 Super Lead.  The circuit is an exact replica of a 1969 Marshall Super Lead, the last of the “plexi” era amps and THE signature sound of just about every 70s rock album.

With premium components throughout, this amp probably represents the closest you can get to a real ‘69.  Loaded with Sozo caps, carbon film resistors, JJ filter cap cans, aluminum chassis, Heyboer trannies, and pretty much premium components throughout, this amp is built to last.

The control panel is a fairly simple non–master volume setup.  A full tone stack, presence, and 2 volume controls for the 2 channels (high and low inputs for each channel).  Crank the amp up and 1) you alert the neighbors that rock is about to happen, and 2) you create the archetypal 70s rock sound.

I use the amp with an attenuator most of the time to keep the volume at reasonable levels.  I go back and forth about whether to push the amp with pedals.  It rocks out pretty well on its own, especially through my StoneAge 4x12.