Text Box: 2000 Rivera Quiana 212

It’s really hard to choose between the OD-100 and this amp for my favorite of all time, but ultimately the OD-100 walks away with that title because of its better low end response.

The Quiana is designed in a similar goal in mind, however.  Rivera’s Channel 2 is well-known as a fantastic Fender clean channel.  With some judicious adjustments, you can pull tweed and blackface sounds out of this channel.  With the Hammond reverb, some of the best cleans of all time are available.

Channel 1 very rarely receives much praise, and it’s hard for me to understand why.  This “British” voiced channel is extremely versatile, with a wide range of crunchy and distorted sound.  Hell, I’ve even pulled metal tones out of this amp.  If you could only own one amp, this amp could serve most duties very, very well.

The low end, as mentioned previously, leaves something to be desired however.  Neither of the two bass knobs can be set above 3 without getting major flub in the low end.  As delivered with two V30s, the low end can mush out pretty easily.  It wasn’t until I replaced one of the two V30s with a Weber California that I could really get a stellar low end response.  This speaker also took some of the honkiness out of the mids and added sparkle to the high end, which were nice bonuses.

What’s more, the amp tends to be quite picky about tubes, both pres and output.  I always use SED 6L6GC output tubes and a variety of pres.  Not saying these pres are optimum, but they were the best combination of what I had available:

	V1: Sylvania 12AX7 Long Plate
	V2: GE 12AX7 Long Plate
	V3: RCA 12AX7A
	V4: Shuguang 9th Gen
	V5: GE 12AX7WA (JAN)