Text Box: Baranik Super Meridian, Colorado Blue Spruce and ??? (2014)

Mike Baranik is one of the finest guitar builders in the business, in my opinion.  Healdsburg and other Bay Area boutique shops have afforded me the opportunity to play some pretty stellar high-end, luthier built guitars.  I have yet to find the guitar to best my Baranik Meridian for all-around fingerstyle.  Add the fact that Mike himself is one of the most patient, creative, and fun dudes to work with and, well, everything just gets taken to a whole new level.

I approached Mike in 2012 about the idea of building a “bigger” Meridian, both in the physical sense and the bass response of the guitar.  My Meridian is a very touch responsive, expressive, and LOUD guitar, but its voice is thoroughly focused in the mid range.  With the “Super Meridian” I’m hoping to retain the volume and punchiness but add some bass response and girth.  I’ve also asked Mike to take the artistic signatures in a whole new direction.  (He has some of the nicest looking and most unique designs in the business, in my opinion.)

“Super Meridian” is my goofy code name for the larger version of the Meridian.  I don’t know what Mike will end up naming this model, but I do know that it will be cool.  I was so thoroughly impressed by the Colorado Blue Spruce in my Meridian, that I’m opting to go with that wood this time around as well.

* Builder: Mike Baranik
* Model: Super Meridian
* Top: Colorado Blue Spruce
* Back/Sides: TBD
* Neck: Mahogany, medium/slim C
* Sideport: Yes
* Endgraft: TBD
* Headplate: TBD
* Headstock Bindings: TBD
* Fingerboard: Ebony
* Fingerboard Bindings: Ebony
* Fret Markers: None
* Frets to body: 14
* Cutaway: Florentine 
* Bridge: Ebony Pinless Belly
* Pickguard: None, most likely
* Body Bindings: TBD
* Rosette: TBD
* Tuners: Gotoh 510s Custom Buttons
* 1 3/4" Nut
* 2 1/4" Saddle
* Scale: TBD, possibly a fan fret
* Other: Adjustable neck
* Case: Hoffee

I have no idea what it will look like in the end, but this is my best guess . . .