Text Box: ďOtherĒ certainly doesnít imply that these are by any means sub-awesome.  I just donít have variants by the same maker.  They are all highly Jus-Tone approved . . . and thatís not an easy feat.

Red Witch Moon Deluxe Phaser

Itís a phaser and tremolo all rolled into one.  With stereo outputs and multiple phaser/trem settings itís a versatile time-modulation tool for occasional use.  I havenít owned many phasers, but this one definitely sounds stellar.

Dr. Scientist Tremolessence

Rich trem tone in a small box.  Lots of control over the waveform shape and trem speed.  This pedal cops a very convincing tube tremolo sound.  I also had a trim pot installed to control the overall volume.

Sonic Research Turbo Tuner

Incredible true strobe tuner in a stomp box.  Best tuner out there, with Peterson being a close second.  Itís a more stable tuner than the Peterson, itís smaller, cheaper, and easier to read.

Diamond Memory Lane 2

The holy grail of analog delays.  Two delay settings, tap tempo, dotted eighths, modulation, and lush delay sound.  Great for vintage coloring, Pink Floyd, and even some U2 (though I honestly think I need a digital delay for that sound).

Menatone King of the Britains

Virtually indistinguishable from my Super Lead dimed.  THE plexi pedal to beat, in my mind.  The gain will take you all the way to JCM800 era.  Full tone stack, presence, footswitchable boost, and voicing switch.

Loop Master 4-Loop Unit with Master Bypass and Tuner Out

You NEED one of these on your board.  Eliminates ďtap dancing,Ē takes unused pedals out of the signal chain, allows you to bypass your whole board.  It makes your whole board so much more versatile.  With the HBOD Deluxe in its own loop, I can even buffer the whole signal chain or have the whole board true bypass.
Text Box: The Rest

Iíve owned all the pedals below at one time or another.  Many are gone for one reason or another.  Usually nothing more than a severe GAS attack.  Canít say there were any I didnít like, though the Maharishi seemed of dubious usefulness.  I still have the Fulltone Clyde Deluxe Wah, though.  Itís sweet.