Text Box: ďOtherĒ certainly doesnít imply that these are by any means sub-awesome.  I just donít have variants by the same maker.  They are all highly Jus-Tone approved . . . and thatís not an easy feat.

Penny Pedals Fingerprint

A pretty wild fuzz/distortion that can even get into futuristic computer-sounding discretized sound.  Pretty cool.  And itís painted by Laura Bennett, the pedal painter of Zvex fame.  This pedal was actually designed in collaboration with Laura and tweaked to her specifications.

Home Brew Electronics Lorba Fuzz
It's based on a Jordan Bosstone, though supposedly much quieter. I really like what I'm hearing - a very gritty, spitty fuzz at the fullest gain settings and a very crunchy usable fuzz at lower gain settings. It cleans up well with the volume knob, responds to picking dynamics, and behaves like an OD in many ways though with a distinctly fuzz flavor to it.

There is a megaton of gain on the volume knob so you can really push your level up.  It's Dan in a Can (Auerbach) for you Black Keys fans out there. It seems to cop early Sabbath pretty well, too.  All in all a very fun purchase for me. Very different from the fuzzes I already have. I would definitely recommend one.