Text Box: Baranik Meridian, Colorado Blue Spruce and Cocobolo Negro (Expected 2011)

Having played Mike Baranik's new Merdian model in Cocobolo Negro/Colorado Blue Spruce and having been extraordinarily impressed, I decided to get on Mike's build list. I'm going to duplicate most of the features on the guitar I played, with a few minor changes.

* Builder: Mike Baranik
* Model: Meridian
* Top: Colorado Blue Spruce
* Back/Sides: Cocobolo Negro (pretty much black, quartersawn, straight-grained)
* Neck: Mahogany, medium/slim C
* Sideport: Spalted Sap Koa (light flame with black streaks)
* Endgraft: Spalted Sap Koa
* Headplate: Undecided
* Headstock Bindings: Spalted Sap Koa
* Fingerboard: Ebony
* Fingerboard Bindings: Ebony
* Fret Markers: None
* Frets to body: 14
* Cutaway: Florentine 
* Bridge: Ebony Pinless Belly
* Pickguard: Undecided
* Body Bindings: Spalted Sap Koa
* Rosette: Undecided
* Tuners: Gotoh 510s Custom Buttons
* 1 3/4" Nut
* 2 1/4" Saddle
* 25.6" Scale
* Other: Soundport and adjustable neck
* Case: Ameritage

Here's the set of Spruce. Hard to see but there is some faint bear claw that will show once finished. 
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